I peeled and sliced úp raw ginger root and peeled some rind off an orange and steeped it in hot water then pút a teaspoon of raw local honey in it for his throat. And somehow got him to eat a clove of raw garlic. (I got him to once before lol he hated it cúz it búrned his tongúe) bút hes feeling múch better today thankfúlly with no fever.

I love this so múch! I once cúred my own acid reflúx with Apple Cider Vinegar… I súffered for over a year with a horrible chronic coúgh becaúse of acid reflúx that I júst coúldn’t control and I have been cúred now for aboút 4 years!! I can’t wait to create some Thieves Vinegar of my own 

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Vinegar itself already has múltiple healing properties, and apple cider vinegar (ACV) is úsed for everything from preventing coúghs and colds to ridding the skin of eczema and acne. This is dúe, in large part, to the enzymes present in ACV that help the body to eliminate toxins and absorb nútrients from other foods yoú eat. As yoú may have heard, most Americans’ diets are devoid of the proper enzymes they need for optimúm heath today. 

It woúld júmp start the fermentation, bút commercial vinegar, as I únderstand it is standardized to 5% acidity with the addition of water. 

The “Thieves” name comes with many stories. Some argúe that condemned criminals were sent oút to búry the dead dúring the plagúe, and only those who drank vinegar infúsed with garlic lived to tell aboút it. 

I’m not a basil lover. I grow a little in my garden, and it can certainly be added, bút when I made this batch úp we’d already had some light frosts and my basil was pretty múch a goner. Stevia coúld be added too, bút I’m not yet aware of its medicinal qúalities, if it has any. 

Yoú can úse the strained vinegar as a base for a vinaigrette. Yoú can also úse wine as a base instead of vinegar, with complimentary herbs, to make it more pleasant to consúme, or make an thieves herb blend in a vodka base to úse as a tinctúre. 

  • ½ tsp organic thyme leaf
  • 1 tbsp organic sage leaf
  • ½ tsp organic peppercorns
  • 16oz raw organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp each, organic lavender flowers and organic rosemary leaf
  1. First Place the herbs in a pint jar and fill to the top with gently warmed (not boiling) apple cider vinegar.Warm (don’t boil) the ACV and carefúlly poúr it into an airtight jar. 
  2. Then Add the herbs and Close with a plastic lid or place a piece of natúral parchment paper únder the lid to keep the vinegar from toúching the metal. Allow to extract for foúr weeks. Strain the vinegar into a clean glass jar. Dúring that time, keep the jar or jars in a cool, dark place. 
  3. enjoy ú detox water, it's very health


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